Mundane Friday: I Think I Love Cloth Pads

Hey friends,
In my last blog post, I went into great depth about cloth pads and why I think disposable pads and tampons are trash (no pun intended), but what kind of person would I be if I didn’t try some myself?


I went online and did some research on where I could buy cloth pads. I could make them myself, but there’s a certain kind of material that is needed for the lining, I didn’t feel like trying to buy it, then mess it up, or potentially not making it right; it was just too much.

On the other hand, I found a wide range of assortments of cloth pads; colorful ones, ones with black lining, ones with Donald trumps face on it (ew lol), plus a plethora of other ones. Since I’m a researcher, I wanted to make sure that whatever one I was going to purchase, was the best one but also didn’t break my pockets as well. Doing my researching though, one person on YouTube had the audacity to say it was a bad thing to ask where to find “the cheap cloth pads” are because a lot of people have home-based businesses and support themselves, through making cloth pads, which I understand why. People that sell their product on Esty have very beautiful, hand made pads but the price? I mean c’mon, $14 for just one pad? I don’t care how pretty it is (and they have some really pretty ones), but I’d rather get a lot them than just buy one. I was trying to make a complete transition; cold turkey.

At last, after… maybe two weeks of searching, I found bundle pads for very great prices! I’m talking about six pads plus a wet bag (I’ll get into that later) all for around $6, tell me that is not a steal? Online shops such as Aliexpress, Wish, Ebay, and even Amazon if you’re not comfortable ordering over seas, all have great products for a great price. While I did order from all of these sites (except eBay), I wanted to hurry up and try out some pads so I took to Amazon and bought a set of three pantie liners plus a wet. To my surprise, they were really comfortable almost like a pillows. I literally wear a pantie liner everyday, not because I need to but there just that comfortable. / via

Now that it’s April, I’m due for my period and I was so excited (weird, right?) my full set of 23 came in and I was prepared with my regular to heavy flow pads. I was prepared and literally tracked down the day I would get my period, until today. April 15th my body gave in and my period came, I was so excited but miserable at the same time. I know some of you are wondering, how are cloth pads convenient when out in public? When ordering cloth pads a lot of the times a wet bag is sold with them. There job is to hold used pads until it’s feasible to clean them, plus I’ll be saving so much money while doing so. The way cloth pads are made is they have buttons on the clasp together on the underside of your underwear. When changing in public, you just take both ends of the pad, fold them towards the middle, then take the wings and clip them together. That way it’s a double barrier in holding the scent, the stains are covered, and it’ll be small enough to fit into the bag (in case you need to change multiple times during the day).

I’m happy with my purchases, it also showed me how quickly everything added up (cost wise and quantity wise, all together I spent $77.60… that is a lot of money over a course of a month). In fact, I was so happy about the change I tried to get my friends and family onto the wave but there not ready yet (young people are so annoying right? They try something new and want everyone to do it too lol). So to wrap things up, I’m a big advoctar for cloth pads; it’s convenient, saves money, and they have so many pretty designs and colors. Hopefully, whoever is reading this spreads the word about how cool cloth pads are and how much money you can save, until next time ❤❤

Shut eye/ via

With Love & Sweetness,


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